• Adaptive Immunity: The way out of it is THROUGH it.
    When I was very young, I had my first introduction to Natural Adaptive/Acquired Immunity, though it was certainly not called that - instead, it was called The Chicken Pox.You see, Read more
  • Salutogenesis: The Literal Key to Health
    What a funny word, "salutogenesis."  The root "genesis" is pretty intuitive, it means ORIGIN, CREATION or BIRTH.  What is "saluto," then?  Well, it's from the Latin root "salus," meaning HEALTH. Read more
  • Host Versus Pathogen, Immunity, and ...what’s your ACEs card?
    Have you ever wondered why, when a bug or virus is making the rounds, some people get sick while others don't? What is it that makes the difference between an Read more
  • Oxygen Mask Theory... and Coronavirus
    Seems like such common sense, the Oxygen Mask Theory.  Take care of your own needs first, because if you don’t, you can’t help others.  This idea has been a buzzword Read more
  • Can Chiropractic Care Help with Fibro?
    Fibromyalgia is one of the fastest-growing diagnoses in the U.S.  Better known as "Fibro,” it affects seven times as many women as men, and while it is more commonly seen Read more
  • The Net Effect
    Lately I’ve been reflecting over the ten years Path of Life has been serving our community.  One of the questions that I ponder is this: how does being under regular Read more
  • Keeping Your Health Tank Full
    Health Tank Read more
  • The Tip of the Iceberg
    How do we interpret the many symptoms that we may experience in our bodies over time?  In most cases, simple symptoms will come and go as the body detects and Read more
  • Why is your head soooo heavy?...
    When you hold a bowling ball close to your body, it has a certain weight to it.  But hold the bowling ball about a foot ahead of your body, it Read more
  • Got Adaptation?
    Of COURSE we all have adaptation!  If not, we’d be puddles of ooze frozen along with the recent snow.  Adaptation is the process by which our bodies maintain order and Read more
  • “I just pulled a muscle...”
    “I just pulled a muscle." This is a phrase I hear a lot from my fellow athletes – especially on Mondays at the office! We've all done it, whether it Read more
  • 5 Mistakes People Make When Choosing a Chiropractor
    1. Allowing their insurance to dictate their choice. If you allow your insurance to limit your healthcare decisions, your health may be limited as a result. Instead, choose a chiropractor Read more
  • Move It or Lose It!
    I’ve always loved the adage, “Move It or Lose It!” - and as I have grown as a healthcare practitioner, it has become a central pillar of my way of Read more
  • Recipe for Health
    Nutrition is one of your strongest tools to keep the body healthy and to avoid many diseases.Recipe for health: give the body what it needs, take away what it doesn’t, Read more