Our onsite canine companions


Some call them "chiropractic therapy dogs," but we call them our "Lab Assistants."  Sagan (10.5, chocolate) and Roxy (6, fox red) are well-behaved labrador retrievers who are in our office during open hours, and Koda (our office manager Maryse's dog, a catahoula-shepherd mix who is a year old) visits the office on many Wednesdays and Thursdays.  All of them will be happy to "supervise" your adjustment, or to keep you entertained in our waiting area!  (If you prefer for the pups to stay behind the doggy-gate in the other room, just let us know - we do understand that not everyone loves dogs.)  The last photo is our office's mascot, Izzie, who was with Path of Life for six wonderful years before she unexpectedly passed.  Her spirit will always be with us, as will the "magical fibers of love" (also known as dog fur) that we still find embedded deep in the green couch she adored.