Neurostructural Dysfunction and Your Health

At Path of Life Chiropractic Health Center, we invite you to reconnect with the basics of health:  that your body has the ability to heal itself and correct many of its own problems, without pills or scalpels, if it is given the right opportunity.  What defines the right opportunity?  To answer that question, let's look at what defines the wrong opportunity.  Your body will not be able to effectively repair inevitable day-to-day damage if it is unable to monitor and control every aspect of itself.  So, it stands to reason that anything that stands in the way of your body's ability to govern itself is a problem for your health.  Your nervous system is the master control system for your body; anything that interferes with the function of your nervous system, then, will interfere with your health.  Neurostructural Dysfunction is a biomechanical distortion of the spine (a structural shift) that impacts the function of the nervous system that is housed within the protective armor that is the spine.  Neurostructural Dysfunction results from vertebral subluxation, and may be corrected by specific chiropractic adjustment. 

Our primary focus at Path of Life is correction of structural shifts and vertebral subluxations in the cervical (neck) spine.  While a structural shift at any level of the spine is problematic, dysfunction in the cervical spine is a severe challenge to communication between the brain and the body, since all information traveling from the brain to the body or back must traverse this "bridge" to reach its destination.  At Path of Life, we utilize the most advanced methods for detection of Neurostructural Dysfunction, and we design individual approaches to structural correction according to the severity and configuration of each unique spine.

Some conditions that may arise from Neurostructural Dysfunction of the cervical spine include neck pain or stiffness, headaches, dizziness, disturbed sleep, headaches, migraines, and high blood pressure.  If you are experiencing any of these secondary conditions, we invite you to make an appointment at Path of Life to take a closer look at the structure and function of your spine and to determine whether a structural shift is the underlying culprit that is interfering with your body's ability to function at its best, and to solve its own problems from the inside out.