What's a Structural Shift?

A structural shift is any alignment abnormality or motion abnormality that causes your body to be unbalanced when standing or moving.  When the body, in particular the spine, is unbalanced, tension results - and tension is a stressor to the body.  Anything that adds stress to your body will subtract from your body's ability to adapt to its environment, both biomechanically and physiologically, and may therefore result in health challenges.

At Path of Life, we offer chiropractic care designed to restore, maintain, and protect your spine and nervous system.  Our goal is to enhance the function of these interconnected and vital elements that together provide you with an integrated and actively adapting foundation for ALL of the things you wish to create, accomplish, and experience in life.

We live our lives through our bodies and nervous systems.  If your spine and nervous system are affected by structural shifts that obstruct their optimal function, your LIFE is affected.  We’d love to help restore your life and your resilience, by partnering with you to identify areas of vertebral subluxation that are creating structural shifts, and to correct or reduce these dysfunctions.  Specific chiropractic adjustments can restore your body’s freedom and adaptability, elements that are necessary for health both now and later.

We stand for a world in which YOU can become the best version of YOU possible - and our job is to help guide you on that path.