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Probiotics: What's all the buzz about?

Posted on 04-30-2014

Probiotics:  What's all the buzz about? Did you know that your body is actually an ecosystem?  The human body is home to about ten times as many bacterial cells as body cells.&nbs...

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Spring Cleaning

Posted on 04-29-2014

I've had numerous questions over the years about "detoxing" and doing "cleanses."  I have to say right off the bat, that like dieting, cleansing won't work if it's...

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Sleep, it does a body good!

Posted on 04-10-2014

Dr. Joseph Mercola just posted a great article on the impact of sleep deprivation on metabolic health, that's worth a read for just about everyone - click here to access.  The long and th...

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What's a little hypertension, anyways.... No, really.

Posted on 04-01-2014

On Saturday, Yahoo health published a small article about a change to the "recommended" range for "normal" blood pressure:  click here to read the Yahoo article, or click here...

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Stress is reprogramming your brain!

Posted on 03-18-2014

Chronic stress causes harmful long-term changes in brain; exercise to avoid stress, stay happy and healthy Adapted from NaturalNews.com, posted 12 Feb 2014, with an addendum following by Dr. Amy ...

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